the day before our wedding, my sister asked me when i knew that i wanted to marry my wife (wow, wife). it took me a few minutes to remember. and i was surprised by the answer.

christine and i met through our websites. i recognized her immediately as a kindred spirit. we became penpals. we sent each other email, letters, and care packages. we had many long phone conversations. when i began to get a crush on her, i squelched it immediately. don't be dumb, i reminded myself, she lives a 1000 miles away.

on the first day that we met in person, i asked christine to marry me at the Church of Elvis. it was a silly proposal. the church is a kitsch museum and its weddings are not binding. christine was only in town for the weekend. i knew that i would probably never see her again. i liked her so much though. even if it was sealed with a ring pop, i wanted to be able to say "christine castro? i married that girl!"

we hit it off immediately. when we parted ways at the end of the weekend, my only thought was "i'm going to miss her for the rest of my life." i moved to los angeles one month later.

christine and i drew these pictures for our wedding invitations. she drew me and i drew her. i inked the drawings and she designed the invitations. they suited our theme of kid lit and neopolitan everything.

if you reread the paragraphs above, you will see that they are also a children's illustration of how we met.

© 2006 rama hughes