20 Haiku

this zine - that i created for sale at a zine show at the Junc Gallery - collects 20 of my haikus. you can read a lot more of them here.

several years ago, i wasn't writing at all. to get back in the habit, i made a new year's resolution to write at least one haiku every day for the entire year.

i read somewhere that the haiku form (three lines of five syllables, seven syllables, and five syllables) isn't suited to english. the form is native to japan and mimics a natural rhythm of that language. some people have even tried to rewrite the rules of haiku for english writers. jack kerouac is a good example. and i love his haikus.

i disagree with the critics though. the form of the haiku is the fun of haiku. the restrictions make it more than poetry. it is a game. and, after playing this game every day for a year, i should let you all know that it becomes easier AND MORE FUN with practice. i hope you'll write your own.

© 2006 rama hughes