Johnny Ryan

Johnny Ryan is a comix creator. He was quick to remind me that his artwork is appropriate for children; He is a frequent contributor to Nickelodeon after all! But a cursory internet search reveals a self-portrait of the artist with a vagina. And, let's be serious, Johnny is best know for the sex, poop, and Hitler jokes in his Blecky Yuckerella strip and his Angry Youth Comix books.

And I have a lot of respect for Johnny. The depth of his extremely lowbrow humor reveals his commitment to an ideal: "I want to make a comic that's really funny and stupid, with no redeeming value. I think there's a definite need for this type of entertainment in today's 'artsy fartsy' comic book climate." The fact that he continues to pursue this aesthetic ambition, despite hate-mail and death threats, reveals the courageous man hiding behind the outrageous kiddie books.

Under continuous social pressure from the menacing Mr. Ryan, I painted this portrait. He suffers, apparently, from the same skin condition as his Angry Youth protagonist, Loady McGee.

© 2010 rama hughes