Master of the Month :: Henri Matisse

Every month, I introduce my students to a famous artist. I write a kid-friendly biography for each of these Masters of the Month; I display lots and lots of their artwork; and, just for fun, I draw their portraits too.

As an art teacher, I could not invent a more inspiring subject than Henri Matisse. He was a master artist who never lost his taste for learning, creation, or experimentation. His sampling of numerous art forms could inform any number of studio projects. Most unusually, Matisse wasn't even that interested in art until he was in his twenties; This is a historic invitation to every reluctant art student: It's never too late to start!

Matisse created too many of my favorite works of art for me to ever pick just one. That said, his portraits are an ongoing inspiration to me and his paintings tell me again and again not to take myself too seriously.

You can read my biography of Matisse on Illustration Friday.

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