Master of the Month :: Georges-Pierre Seurat

Every month, I introduce my students to a famous artist. I write a kid-friendly biography for each of these Masters of the Month; I display lots and lots of their artwork; and, just for fun, I draw their portraits too.

Georges-Pierre Seurat was a French painter best known as the founder of pointillism. His most famous painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, is an icon of modern art.

For an art teacher, there is a lot to love about Seurat. His mastery of color translates to any of many color theory lessons, and student studies of his work are always exciting to see. I like Seurat best though as an example of artist as scientist. Art students need to see how much research, practice, and experimentation goes in to a masterful work of art. Most importantly though, we all need to be reminded how how science, art, and other disciplines play off of each other and even overlap.

You can read my biography of Seurat on Illustration Friday.

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