Dave at Secret Headquarters

when i grow up, i want to have my own art school. i want to create a little community center with a big studio where i can draw until 2 or 3 in the afternoon and teach until my students go home. when i was a kid though, my dream was to own my own comic book store. for no good reason, i idealized the young men who sold me my comics. probably because they spent the whole day talking about comic books and i could never get in on the conversation.

Secret Headquarters may be the most inviting comic book store in the world. it is a wide open, well lit space with hardwood floors and comfy leather chairs. its selection of comics is diverse and (despite the absence of back issues) pretty thorough. it offer shows to artists, hosts parties, screens movies. and, c'mon, it has the coolest name ever! the details are so thoroughly attended to. the first time i visited, i couldn't help thinking "this place is somebody's dream come true."

a few weeks later, one of the owners invited me to show my work there. this is my portrait of him, as i see him almost all the time, reading comics by the window of his store.

© 2006 rama hughes