here are some more fun assignments from Sparknotes. The music, essays, and reviews that they illustrate can be found in Sparklife, a sort of study break from the main site.

Six Dollar Mix: Sounds by the Shore

thanks to itunes, it's easy to share good music. this drawing accompanied a mix of six songs ideal for a beach party. i grew up in florida and enjoyed many days at the beach. one of the things that i love about the ocean is its rhythm. if you consider it long enough, it sometimes feels like everyone is moving to it.

Harry Potter Wrap-Up

i missed the boat on harry potter. by the time everyone else had read and raved about The Sorceror's Stone, i was mildly annoyed with it. (has that ever happened to you?) fortunately, the boat circled back for me in cinematic form. i love the harry potter movies... and their coloring books. this illustration was enormous fun. it accompanied a synopsis of the first five novels to refresh fans -and inform me- before the release of the sixth book, The Blood Prince.

Who is Willy Wonka?

i got to write the movie review for which this illustration was drawn! you can read it by clicking here. in case you are busy though, here is the short version: Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory should not be compared with its predecessor. They both work for different reasons.

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