Box Office Juggernaut

i love movies. even when i was earning my reputation as a starving artist, i managed to see them all the time. my income was less than zero but i got very good at sneaking around theatres. laugh if you want but i still think of myself as a cinema ninja. i would wait a few weeks until there were a lot of good movies to see. it isn't too hard to sneak into a theatre but i usually paid for the first matinee. after that, i could spend the whole day wandering between films and "hiding in plain sight." it felt like a sport sometimes.

summers like this one are wonderful for sneaking. i could spend a whole day watching Revenge of the Sith not to mention the other blockbusters.

that's one of the reasons why this assignment was such a blast. it was commissioned by the Weekly Alibi for the cover of their summer movie issue. the art director and i enjoyed one of those great back and forths where every round of sketches was better than the last. besides the fun we had with Star Wars and the Fantastic Four, we also included references to Batman Begins and War of the Worlds. see tom cruise and dakota fanning cower on the sidewalk? the art director even let me draw all of the copy! from "The Weekly Alibi" to the "19 MAY."

© 2005 rama hughes