Bumpy Butt Britney

when i was just getting started as an illustrator, i worked at a bookstore. on the rare occasion when one of my drawings appeared in print, i would borrow the publication from our inventory and display my accomplishment shamelessly. the customers didn't care too much but my coworkers were genuinely enthusiastic. one of them paid me a compliment that still warms my heart. bashi rose, a poet and a playwright and a book clerk just like me, said "you know what i like about your work, rama? you draw with compassion."

BUST magazine commissioned this portrait of britney spears for a story that compared celebrities to garbage pail kids. it is easily the meanest portrait that i have ever drawn. i have to admit that i enjoyed it. i wonder though if a reader will find any affection in it or if i am just kicking the poor girl while she is down.

© 2007 rama hughes