The Mystery Men

as the ball got rolling for my show at secret headquarters, dave thought it would be fun to include portraits of his clientele. he collected photographs of his regulars and i visited several times to take pictures myself. here is one of the results.

i only met this guy, john, long enough to snap his photo. so, while drawing from it, i spent a lot of time wondering who he might be. i tend to believe that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at them. their wrinkles say a lot. their expressions and body language do. while drawing this stranger though, i realized that i could project almost anything upon him. christine was appalled when i commented that he could be a rapist. on the other hand, a man who likes gelatto and smiles for a stranger might be best buddy material. who knows?

i met john again at the opening of the portrait show. i was so excited to figure out who he really is. i think it frightened him. he excused himself from the conversation almost immediately. maybe he thought i was an aggressive portrait salesman.

© 2006 rama hughes