these illustrations accompanied a humorous article on about a group of people who claim to have seen the nineteenth century physicist, madame curie, in the same manner that others have spotted elvis.

madame curie in the woods

this is the first image for the story. as i drew it, it dawned on me that an old fashioned woman running in the woods is much stranger than a bigfoot. i used to live in the pacific northwest and, believe me, there are some spots where i almost expected a yeti. madame curie would have blown my mind.

madame curie at mcdonald's

do you see the little green girl in this picture? there were a few months when i tried to sneak her into a bunch of my illustrations. she's my personal where's waldo and my homage to a favorite artist and illustrator, maira kalman. the girl was drawn from one of mrs. kalman's childhood photos. i colored her green because... well, one half she-hulk and one half "why not?"

madame curie at a bar

this is my favorite of the three madame curie illustrations. it has a second tribute to maira kalman (the mustachioed mona lisa), a portrait of a friend, and a copy of my old roommate's tattoo. it was one of the cooler tattoos that i have seen.

the coolest tattoo i ever saw was an intricately designed maze between the shoulder blades of a beach-goers back. does he let people play with it, i wondered, with a crayola marker or something?

© 2002 rama hughes