have you read the lion, the witch, and wardrobe by c.s.lewis? i recommend it to anyone who hasn't (and demand high fivers from everyone who has. hell, yeah!) besides being the author of some fantastic children's books, c.s.lewis was also a respected christian philosopher. many of his novels, including the chronicles of narnia, are a launch pad for his favorite ideas. i don't happen to be christian but i respect the ideas. in the screwtape letters, c.s.lewis uses a correspondence between devils to present a bunch of them.

one of my favorites is about humility. to paraphrase, true humility is not the act of a great person pretending to be small. it is not a smart person pretending to be stupid or an accomplished person pretending that she hasn't worked hard or come very far. true humility is the acceptance of ourselves with respect to the universe. in this spirit, c.s.lewis encourages people to celebrate their achievements and their talents the same way that we would celebrate a beautiful day or the accomplishments of someone else.

with that in mind, i want the world to know that i am my own favorite artist! i admire a bajillion other artists but, as i get older and my drawings get better, i celebrate with more and more amazement some of the things that come out of my hands. i think that this drawing of my sister is dynamite! maybe i'm the only person who thinks so, but i really do think so. i only wish that i were more prolific.

p.s., my sister, by the way, starred as aslan the lion in her elementary school play, the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe.

© 2004 rama hughes