the Progressive commissioned this portrait for their interview of Edwidge Danticat. Danticat is an American Book Award winner and the author of several books including The Farming of Bones, Krik? Krak!, and Breath, Eyes, Memory.

the Progressive is one of my favorite magazines. so, it's no wonder that i thought the interview by David Barsamian was superb. the final questions concern her first nonfiction effort, After the Dance: A Walk Through Carnival in Jacmel, Haiti. Danticat was born in Haiti and "wanted to write something happy about Haiti, something celebratory." the next question asked danticat about the masks at carnival and why she was drawn to them. this drawing is my best attempt to illustrate her answer: "Being a shy child, I always longed for a mask. Even in my adult life, I have glasses. They are my mask."

© 2003 rama hughes