i saw Charlie's Angels Full Throttle at mann's chinese theatre in hollywood. when demi moore appeared in her bikini, i was put off. she didn't look right. she didn't look real.

a few days later, the pasadena weekly commissioned this illustration for an article called the Deeper Meaning of Demi Moore. the first sentence read "i had a meta-meta-meta media moment the other day." the writer, catherine seipp, succeeded in creating a demi moore story that wasn't about demi moore at all. it was about the gulf between the beauty of celebrities and the beauty of everyone else. i was proud to illustrate it. not only did it question the standard of beauty set by "stomach-crunched and liposuctioned" celebrities, it questioned the backlash against that standard. the very important moral to the story is the health of our bodies is more important than the shape of our bodies.

© 2003 rama hughes