first things first: this comic is dedicated to penelope dullaghan who told this joke to christine and me when she was in los angeles a few weeks ago. we loved it so much that we told it again and again, repeating the punchline ad nauseum in our most piratey voices.

second things second: the idea for this comic was inspired by esquire's column, a joke from a beautiful woman. after reading it this month and hearing christine's many iterations of "it's driving me nuts!" i decided that this is the joke she has to tell when the men's magazines come calling.

finally, just for you, dear reader: when i was in grade school, my friends and i coveted truly tasteless joke books. i eventually got my hands on a copy but it was confiscated by the principal before i could even peek into it. he would have to speak with my mother. she met with him after school and listened seriously to the trouble i was in. he gave my book to her and she perused the filth before fixing me with a stern look. as we drove away, she handed the book back to me. "i only have one question for you," she said, "what was the first thing that adam said to eve?" what?! "stand back! i don't know how big this thing gets."

© 2007 rama hughes