a lot of people have been asking about my comic books lately. i've had to confess to them that i haven't finished one yet. my eyes are often bigger than my mouth. while i do intend to put out a comic someday, i have about a google-bagillion other projects that i also want to do. i juggle them all in my thoughts but i prioritize based on which ones i can complete with the amount of free time i have. this summer, i devoted myself to finishing my children's book. now that it's done, i can focus more seriously on a comic.

that doesn't mean that i haven't drawn comics. every few weeks, i sit down for a day and do a quick series of drawings. i'm reluctant to show examples, like this one, because they are obviously very personal. some people read them and say "i don't get it." which is understandable. most of my comics to date read less like stories and more like journal entries. i draw them to remember moments that are important to me. then i squirrel them away for months or more until i'm ready to look at them again.

this one earned an "i don't get it" from my brother when he first saw it. it's just something that happened, i told him. "but why would she say that?" she was aware of things like that, i told him. it's one of the things i liked about her. she always kept me in the present.

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