my wife and i were invited to lead some workshops at the aiga into the woods weekend next year.

i am excited to share my techniques for portraiture but it was also suggested that i teach a course on comic strip journaling. as a big fan of comics and journals especially, i can hardly wait. a dozen ideas and examples lept to mind before i even put pen to lesson plan.

as a creator of comics though, i have always felt shy. the majority of comics that i have drawn are (1) doodles, (2) embarassing, and (3) not intended to be read by anyone who wouldn't hug me when they're done.

that's the nature of a journal, i know, but i feel like i owe it to anyone who decides to attend the class to make some comics that i am willing to share. the first most exciting ideas came from conversations that i have with christine.

© 2006 rama hughes