Franklin Delano Roosevelt

this portrait of fdr is my contribution to jefferson pitcher's presidents project. my first choice was abraham lincoln (because of a long standing family challenge) but franklin roosevelt was a proud runner up.

i didn't have much interest in history when i was little but fdr captured my imagination. roosevelt ushered america through the great depression and the second world war. during a time when most of the country was struggling for survival, he created jobs for everyone. he put artists to work creating murals and documenting american life. the idea of that made me giddy.

roosevelt has been criticized for making government too much a part of people's lives but that's what our country needed at the time. true leadership ~ like parenting ~ demands something different every day. most of the time, we want freedom to experiment and grow without interference. when the challenges of the world overwhelm us though, we are all still children. we long for a father to pick us up, to dust us off, and to remind us sincerely that "we have nothing to fear but fear itself."

© 2007 rama hughes