here are some more drawings that i did for Sparknotes. The essays and articles that they illustrate can be found in Sparklife, a sort of study break from the main site.

European Travel

this drawing was commissioned for a story about hosteling in Europe. since i have never been to Europe, i based the drawing on a late night that i spent talking with my friend, Frances. when she was little, she imagined that electrical towers were giants coming to get her.

The Internet's Next Frontier: Gym Class

the subject of this article is an honest to goodness internet gym class. until holodecks are perfected, it's a silly idea. here's another good one: the virtual girl scout cookie diet. my friend, Doug, invented it while joking on my answering machine. instead of eating when they are hungry, subscribers visit to look at 3-D models of thin mints and tagalongs. virtually delicious!

Food For Thought: Adventures in College Eating

the working title for this article was "The Freshman Fifteen." the phrase, for those of you unfamiliar with it, describes the weight that one gains when they go away to college. i don't know why the subject is so dear to me. i find it sort of endearing actually.

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