this store, giant robot, was one of the first places that my wife took me when i moved to los angeles. the company began as a zine, turned into a magazine, and is embodied now in stores and galleries and even a restaurant.

christine knew that i would enjoy the shop. i was so engrossed by the novelties and comic books that i left my sketchbook unattended on a counter top. "whose is this?" someone asked. eric nakamura, a cofounder of giant robot, found the book and flipped through it.

it's been a few years since that meeting. christine and i have both had the pleasure of participating in shows at GR2, a giant robot gallery down the street from this store. when i bump into eric, he recalls my old sketchbook. the pages he liked most were drawings of stores, signs, apartments, and homes from my neighborhood in oregon. i think he remembers those sketches with more fondness than they deserve but i drew this as a thank you for his continued interest in them.

© 2007 rama hughes