hello fellows (and fellas),
i wrote this haiku for my wife:

hang up your cape this
weekend. even supergirl
has kryptonite days.

and she wrote me back:

i wish i could write
a haiku to say thank you.
oh, wait. i just did.

by christine castro

which got me thinking.
all of us should play a game.
it's called Haiku Tag.

this is how you play:
read these haikus & think "wow,
what a great idea!"

write your own haiku.
have fun. sign it and send it
to me and your friends.

invite them to play.
ask them to write, enjoy, and
send their own haikus.

i will collect them,
organize them, and post them
here on my website.

never written a
haiku? no problemo! they
are super simple:

a traditional
haiku has three (5, 7,
5 syllable) lines.

jack kerouac's are even easier.
capture a moment in 3 brief lines.
don't worry about syllables.

so, let's get started!
here are the haikus. read'm,
like'm, add your own:

tulip faces show
scattered raindrops upon them
petals forming smiles

by Sandra Kieft

the form restricts some
its discipline sets me free.
soft powerful verse.

by Greg Hodge

i'm so overjoyed!
i have found this secret spring;
haikus are the best.

by eustacia chalcedony

a simple process
but I have fucked it all up
please take two, redo

by Darrrrrrr

Is it Thursday yet
Must be I see Poison Girl
and she's drunk again

by Darrrrrrr

Talking to pillows
Is more comforting than church
Feathers tickle me.

by Christine Voge

will you still be here
when i am gone far away
it sucks to be you.

by Cheryl Grant

I had a vision
The whole planet just blew up
In a garden rose

by Muttichan

I can smell the sheets
Flapping with the breeze today,
Though it is winter.

by Muttichan

Chicken noodle soup
Your mother recommended
Because she loves you!

by Muttichan

Sara, oh, Sara
With the lovely red-gold hair,
You speak the sad truth.

by Muttichan

Decadent heroes
are essentially eunuchs
in a cutthroat land.

by Sara Sharma

it is exciting
it's lindsay's first hurricane
be glad you knew her

by lindsay clarida

Eating a carrot
I won't go blind tomorrow
Going to the sea

by shana van ort

Judy, Judy, Jew
You are a beauty you
Let's play in the grass

by shana van ort

i find amazing
like dominos falling we
are all connecting.

by cheryn

mean people may suck.
but nice people bring good luck.
i say, "what the fuck."

by simon boses

"you see her," she said,
pointing to the lines he drew.
"you really see her."

by christine castro

my black cat and her
catrobatics as she slips
from chair to cold floor

by emma

today I spent too long
looking for Rama's secrets.
I only found two.

by keri smith

am i the only
person on earth who loves snow
four months til winter

by kim duhaime

a bottled garden
and angry music playing
my cat purrs tres loud

by paige

When he kissed me it
tasted like hamburger, so
I wanted to stop.

by lalita hughes

my dog got a leaf
stuck in his left shoe. i do
not know what to do.

by sidra a.k.a. "gleek"

dreamt of india
my head too heavy fell back
onto my pillow.

by lauren hughes

10 is good for me.
off to marmalade we'll go
to fill our bellies.

by sidra a.k.a. "gleek"

i remember in
fifth grade writing my muy first
haiku. it was fun.

by sidra a.k.a. "gleek"

haikus are becoming
my favorite kind of poem.
they're fun to write, too.

by christine castro

my eyes are squinty-
watery, itchy, and gross
it must be springtime

by daniele young

only write three lines
with seven syllables here
five top, five bottom

by daniele young

triple hot rocket
tonight on warm cream cushion
thrusters go! up top

by kelly newcomer

i hate things like this
forwarding haiku is bad
i will not do it

by my robot friend

driving home from the
drug store all of the women
seem more beautiful


garlic peels basil
stems tomato chunks even
her garbage smells good

by hip-hopanomynous

you know what I need?
one of those things that makes you
rich and good looking.

by chiara l.

i'm an orchid out
of her element, away
from her swamp and tree.

by chiara l.

my sandals? so cute
my toes haven't seen the sun
for about nine months.

by chiara l.

pretending to be
in the international
space station asleep.

by henry hughes

i get right-wing spam
e-mail from someone who I
otherwise respect.

by henry hughes

daydreaming of you
always makes me want a drink.
I'll have another.

by joe klucar

"no penguins allowed":
a new sign on the bar door.
they know from last time.

by dave w.

whoops i just realized
my haiku isn't haiku fucked
up follow the rules

by Rohn Bayes

god dipped his sun-wet
brush into the sea splashing
out the color green.

by Muttichan

head in hands
over world situation.
peace, come soon.

by Kevin and Julie

he died in my arms.
he was buried in my heart.
there he sleeps deeply.

by Jesse

the sun holds my body
in a passionate embrace.
winter has melted.

by Christine Voge

Why struggle to be
brilliant? Relax, be yourself,
and watch the sun rise.

by Christine Voge

Nobody sees me
I must be invisible.
Or are they just blind?

by Muttichan

Perhaps praying, these
Stark barren-limbed trees reaching
For the touch of God.

by Muttichan

She stuck the bottle
Inside the cold toilette tank,
Forgetting the flush.

by Muttichan

He brought home cookies
Soft sweet delicious morsels
Instead of kisses

by Muttichan

Would you dare disturb
my soul bereft of man's faith
if Earth love stirred you?

by Sara Sharma

my first haiku
ever written in english
perhaps the last one.

by Damien Gabriels

haiku not easy.
struggle i with brilliant words,
this will have to do.

by Barbara Johnson

like secret whispers
ominous, mysterious
her season changes

by casey mcdonald

inertia waning
spirit follows body at
the speed of a dream

by casey mcdonald

Swift dreams and sure wings
Allow the spirit's safe flight
Along paths of stars

by tara cox

you don't have to tell,
i'll be your little secret.
hold me, love me, please.

by yo'bear

you disturb the peace
of our divine sister-circle,
you delicious men.

by anne mathewson

let's play a fun game.
rama calls it haiku tag.
i'm done, now you're it.

by anne mathewson

"can we not laugh for
a while?" he pleaded. it was
a painful good time.

by christine castro

tonight sensei gives
a self-defence seminar
it's not aikido.

by d. toivonen

we sweat on the mat
bending fingers, kneeing heads,
poking thumbs in eyes.

by d. toivonen

nervous energy,
laughter, but sensei stops us
this is life or death.

by d. toivonen

I am very bored
at this silly job I have
for money not love.

by bonnie branson

all a dream of spring
falling leaves and cotton sheets
moments caught in light

by paige xoxox

i didn't realize.
this sunday is the last day
we will see brittany.

by sidra a.k.a. "gleek"

she is going home
to san diego and won't
be back for a while.

by sidra a.k.a. "gleek"

mental property
economy of our words
makes them worth much more

by peter m.

earl grey honey air
peaches in my regalia
summer sap in heat

by peter m.

doctor ro-rosenpenis

by peter m.

o haiku, i ache
to echo you like the song
by sonic youth

by henry hughes

a haiku for you
lisa of the long brown hair
you are too too cool

by kelly newcomer

haiku back at cha
far away in the hot sun
kelly, fun and neat.

by lisa mchugh

did you and henry
decide to move to texas?
if so, when and where?

by herb levy

degrees with slight chance of rain
home: real hot, I guess.

by chiara l.

home to miami
i can't wait to sweat for the
first time in a while.

by chiara l.

you can take me out
of florida, I guess, but
you can't keep me warm

by chiara l.

in anything less
than ninety-five and humid
with a chance of rain.

by chiara l.

burping to the beat
probably something I ate
and will do again


i never do this,
but haiku is a good cause.
simple and concise.

by josh rubin

chilled sweet creme anglaise
milk, sugar, vanilla, eggs
golden velvet. mmmmm....

by elizabeth garcia-granados

haikus are written
by those with too much time on
their right and left hands.

by herbert levy