How to Escape Your Life

when people say that man is created in god's image, this is how i appreciate it: i have a little universe inside of me. and, inside that universe, i can make anything happen. i can invent scenarios and people. i can imagine the future and reimagine the past. i can even give "reality" to my inventions.

a few years ago for example, i spent a whole summer writing and drawing a children's book. at the end of each day, i felt like i had actually spent time with my characters. i felt like i knew them. i knew how they moved, thought, and spoke. they had a certain spirit and they lived inside my drawings, the way i live inside a moment. the book i made is their world. their bodies are made of paper and ink. the metaphor is enormous.

my point, i guess, is that our imaginations afford us all an amazing, almost limitless freedom.

Cicada Magazine commissioned this painting for the cover of their May/June 2005 issue. (click here to see it as it appeared in print.) the only guidelines were that it 1) reference Star Wars in some way and 2) illustrate an escape from one's life. the first escape that came to my mind was painting. some paintings, some books, some movies are windows. others are escape hatches.

© 2005 rama hughes