This drawing of myself and my baby boy was created for Derek Somaru's White Album Project. The composer invited filmmakers, artists, and musicians to reinterpret their favorite track from the Beatle's famous album. The completed works were collected into a book of art and a dvd of music and videos. My son was barely born when I received the invitation. So, my selection was a no-brainer.

I'm So Tired

There was a week in college when I stayed awake for five days without sleeping. It ended with an elaborate series of hallucinations and a long nap in the illustration studio. But that is nothing like the exhaustion or the happiness of being a brand new parent. At its worst, I felt like an irritable robot programmed to changed diapers and snarl at my family. At its best, I enjoyed a nightly slumber party with the coolest kid I ever met. I still haven't recovered from the many months of sleep deprivation but I miss the q.t. already.

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