Jack Black

Jack Black is an actor who you might've seen in movies like Saving Silverman, Orange County, and School of Rock. he is also one half of the comedic rock band, Tenacious D. i happen to love him. after seeing him in High Fidelity, i spent several hours in front of a mirror trying to learn his dance moves.

painting his portrait was a challenge and a pleasure because his wild expressions are the fifty per cent of his personality. retelling his jokes from Saturday Night Live or the Mtv Music Awards are never as funny because no one else has those eyebrows. one article i read about him, described his body language as "inimitable." once i looked the word up, i had to agree.

little known jack black fact: he loves words games like Scrabble and it's computer counterpart, Literati.

Kyle Gass

when i finished jack black's portrait, i decided to paint his bandmate, kyle gass, as well.

you can find kyle in many of jack black's movies but, as far as i'm concerned, their music is their greatest achievement to date. it is hilarious and danceable. it has inspired many conversations between my brother, myelf, and others about why silly songs (and movies) are less recognized by critics and award committess. isn't laughter also a legitimate response to art? days after i hear a Tenacious D song, i am still humming the tune and struggling to hit their notes. when i was at home with my girlfriend one night, i put on their cd because i knew it would make her laugh. it ruined the romance but her joy was well worth it. other albums are rarely so reliable.

© 2003 rama hughes