i have mixed feelings about gyms.

on the one hand, i think they are fun. i always get excited when i hear a racquetball pinging around a room or when i smell chlorine from a far off jacuzzi. on the few occasions when a gym membership has been available to me, i have exercised religiously. nonetheless, i get creeped out by the ideas used to sell those memberships. i avoid any chain that portrays fitness as a beauty competition.

billy connelly, a british comedian, once said "i don't work out. i work in." i prefer facilities that observe that philosophy. places like the YMCA, college campuses, or community centers. the O-Ring Ad Agency commissioned this illustration for a poster they designed on behalf of the Jewish Community Center of New Jersey. another gym that passes my personal litmus test.

point of jewish pride: Stan Lee, the creator of comic book classics like X-Men, the Incredible Hulk, and Spider-man, is jewish. his given name was Stanley Lieber.

© 2003 rama hughes