Jeannette Langmead & the Portrait Party

when i was younger, my family and i used to have portrait parties. we would congregate in the living room every few months and turn our attention from person to person, drawing everyone in the room. it was such a pleasure and so normal in my life that trading portraits became a regular event when i left for college, when i moved to new towns, when i met new friends or favorite artists. tommy kane suggested that it would make a good website. so, a few months ago, i started the Portrait Party. in short, people draw portraits of each other and i post the results. it's fun!

unfortunately, i don't have time to trade drawings with all the people who have asked me. so, to make myself more available, my wife suggested a competition.

jeannette won the first ever portrait party contest. i was blown away by how aggressively she competed! she sent new drawings almost every weekday and even made a movie of her work in progress. this portrait, framed and mailed to japan, was her prize.

© 2007 rama hughes