i taught prekindergarten for two years in portland, oregon. i drew these and many more portraits of my students for a book that my coteacher made especially for them. it was bound and left in the library. the kids dragged it from play area to play area. they read it with their parents and grandparents and siblings and guests. whenever one of them asked to sleep with the book during naptime, i found myself wishing that my children's book would get as much attention someday.

p.s., notice the boy winking? each of our kids sat for her portrait. it only took three or four minutes to draw each one but prekindergarteners rarely sit still that long. in fact, most of them mugged for their portraits the way they would for a photographer. i had to ask them big questions to calm them down or i had to draw in the pauses between silly faces. when i told this boy (a real ladies man by the way) what would happen if he kept moving, he said "i want it to look that way!" then winked his eyes quickly for the next few minutes. the stinker!

© 2002 rama hughes