every year for the past ten years, my friends and i have been trading music. they send me their favorite songs and i send them mine. most of us design covers for the jewel cases. this is mine. the title, "Let's Be Hobos," is something that i've said more than once this year.

see, i am a compulsive mover. for several years in a row, i moved to a different state every nine months. at the time, there were few things that i enjoyed more than hitting the road with a car full of my most precious belongings. well, i've been settling down lately. staying in one place, i am slowly learning, can be an adventure also. i still fantasize about traveling though. whenever life gets too hectic, i try to convince my girlfriend that we should run away somewhere. "let's hop a train!" i know that being a hobo doesn't appeal to most people. that's why i worked so hard to design the perfect font for it. someone told me once that coca-cola's lettering was the sexiest they had ever seen.

© 2004 rama hughes