Teenagers Kick Our Butts

when i was in third grade, i intentionally flunked a math quiz because i didn't want to admit that i would be 2000 minus 1974 equals 26 years old at the turn of the century. what's the point of a jet pack, i thought, if i'm too old to use it? eighteen was the oldest that i wanted to be. batman is probably eighteen, i thought.

that's the strange thing about getting older: teenagers -even some college students- seem like kids to me now. they remind me how little i understood when i was their age and how inventive i was because of that. the miracle of aging (i am beginning to grasp this) is how wisdom and creativity play against each other. little kids have the craziest ideas because they don't know any better. great-grandparents resist crazy ideas because they have so many tried and true ones. the rest of us are in between. in an ideal world, i think we would each have friends from every generation. to remind us how many ways there are to see the world.

this drawing is for my teenage friends. teenagers are the greatest because they know just enough to approach the world with confidence but not nearly enough to be stifled.

this illustration is based on a sketch that i did for cicada magazine. they used a different drawing but i finished this one also because i liked it so much. thank you to jessica williams and max de leon for helping me find the perfect model and for being the perfect model respectively.

© 2005 rama hughes