A Missed Connections Comic

here is the last page of my contribution to I SAW YOU, an anthology of comics inspired by the "missed connections" ads in the personals section of newspapers and websites. the editor, julia wertz, invited many dozens of artists to participate. before i even thought about what i would draw, i fantasized about the book itself and what so many artists would do with such a choice subject. the selections that i have seen so far are beautiful. most of them are very funny.

in my own research for the comic, i found a few sad ads that would have been fun to lampoon. i couldn't bring myself to laugh too loudly though. i can relate to missed connections. i know what it's like to miss a moment. to lack timing. or confidence. to be haunted later by what might have been. i used to enjoy this section of the paper because, to a tongue-tied booknerd like me, it seemed like a romantic way to say hello. i even hoped to find an ad meant for me.

p.s., for a peek at more of this comic and a little free stuff for your computer, click here to view and download a missed connections desktop picture.

© 2007 rama hughes