Mr. Cubee Hughes

"Got the drawing doldrums? Build your own art teacher! Mr. Hughes will give you a little bit of guidance. Download'm! Print'm! Color'm! Cut'm! Fold'm! Build'm!"

as a kid, i thought that having an action figure made of myself would be just about the coolest thing ever. i still do think that sometimes. as an adult though, i figured out that it is pretty easy to build them myself. when i was a kindergarten teacher, i made a half dozen construction paper spider-men to settle a fight amongst the four-year-old boys. my creations had to be better than the store-bought figure that started the brawl. so, i made sure that the paper figures could shoot webs made of yarn, swing from the ceiling, and stick to walls. the plastic spider-man ended up in a lego bucket, forgotten.

with the help of chris beaumont, i made this paper version of myself to coach my students through a long summer without art class. mr. hughes doesn't do much but he will keep you busy for an hour or more and he asks the one question that every art teacher should.

© 2008 rama hughes