one of my oldest friends, debby herbenick, is a sexuality researcher and educator. (you may have read her expert opinions in magazines or seen her with a vagina puppet on the tyra banks show.) this summer, she hired my wife to redesign her website. i was so jealous that they got to work together on something. i practically begged to draw the banner for them. the illustration was sort of a palette cleanser from some other long, difficult projects that i'd had. it was fun to draw a friend again.

as usual, i rarely know what i think about a drawing until i've been working on it for a while. i definitely had something in mind but, while i scribbled all the charlie harper-inspired birds and bees, it occurred to me how apt "the birds and the bees" metaphor really is. it always seemed far removed from sex before. when i really think about those animals though and their lives in the flowers and trees, the comparison isn't about the sex act. it's about the risks and the magic of reproduction.

© 2008 rama hughes