this is a personal piece. it is my version of the Mona Lisa.

i read a few paragraphs about Leonardo DaVinci's masterpiece. it discussed the triangular composition, the linear perspective that disappears behind La Giaconda's head, and the enigmatic smile that most scholars think was simply a passing expression. if there is ever a show about modern interpretations of that painting, i hope someone will let me know. i will definitely submit this. Leonardo was so proud of his Mona Lisa that he carried it wherever he went. i like mine too.

my favorite thing about it is the subject. my girlfriend, Christine, is my favorite person with whom to share a table. i am tempted to gush but i'll just say that the situation highlights some of her most beautiful qualities. she is an excellent storyteller with a gentle sense of humor and a sharp mind. sometimes though, i get so distracted by her lips, her little chin, or the way she moves her arms. if the diner or pancake house where we are eating is kind enough to provide paper place mats, i will flip mine over and draw.

as soon as i have time, i'm going to make some paper place mats of my own. like the ones we get at iHop with mazes and drawings to color. if you'd like one, come back to this page in a few weeks.

it occured to me while i was drawing the couple in the background that most young people in love probably wish for the opportunity to grow old together. then it occured to me that old couples probably wish for their young love again. so, i felt very lucky. to be in my 2054 wish come true.

© 2004 rama hughes