We Have a Dream

i feel bad for barack obama. in friendly conversation, it's become almost a joke to say "when obama is president..." insert your wild dreams here. in artwork, i have seen him portrayed as superman and jesus christ. no one can live up to those expectations.

"i just don't believe he can do everything he says he'll do." in my circle of friends, that was the biggest objection to obama's presidential campaign. "no candidate can do everything he says he will," i replied again and again. that's why campaign promises have such a bad reputation.

the great thing about those promises though? if elected, the candidate becomes accountable for them. they determine the criteria for his success. for that very reason, i'm excited to have a dreamer in the white house: president obama has some beautiful speeches to live up to. he promised the world hope. now, against mounting odds, we expect him to deliver. even if he falls short, i applaud him. i'm proud to have a president who sets the bar so high.

this portrait of barack obama is my second illustration for jefferson pitcher's presidential music project: of great and mortal men.

© 2009 rama hughes