One Minute Drawing

during my junior and senior year of college, i had an ongoing art project for which i drew a self portrait every time that i passed my bedroom mirror. it was excessive but it was so much fun. i was an insomniac then. one sleepless night, i counted all the drawings that i had done. 80 per week is the only figure that i can remember.

i forget sometimes that drawing is just that easy. i have become so accustomed to my illustration routine: researching, sketching, collecting references, resketching, painting, inking, coloring, etc... i always schedule CHUNKS of time in which to work. i forget that my favorite drawings used to be my one-minute drawings.

one-minute drawing is a game in which an artist has only sixty seconds to draw something. she usually draws the same thing over and over in a series of minutes. in my version, i slow down at the end. i draw the same subject in five minutes. after several one-minute drawings, five minutes seems like an eternity.

this is a drawing from my sketchbook. it was drawn in one minute and a couple of seconds while my girlfriend and i were waiting for a ride from a cherry orchard. considering the time limit, i was amazed honestly by how well it turned out.

© 2005 rama hughes