Sketchbook Scavenger Hunt

on a rare occasion when christine gets bored, i make a list of things for her to draw and i send her on a sketchbook scavenger hunt. it's an idea that began in my classrooms. first as a game to play and then as a test. "do the third graders really understand the elements of art? do the fifth graders get the principles of design? let's see if they can find each one and draw it." of course, not every student carries his own sketchbook. so...

How to Make a One-Page Sketchbook

the illustrations here will show you how to make a mini-sketchbook out of a single sheet of paper. it is an origami skill that i first discovered on keri smith's website and subsequently found in almost every bookbinding book that i ever picked up.

this year, i'm teaching my students how to bind their own sketchbooks in a quarter-dozen ways. scavenger hunts abound and this mini-sketchbook is how i got them started. i distributed the instructions as a mini-book so they could see firsthand how the books would turn out. you can download your own copy right here.

don't tell! but i reused the illustrations in a design class when the kids studied diagramming.

© 2008 rama hughes