here are some drawings that i did for Sparknotes, a fantastic online resource for students and teachers. The essays, reviews, interviews, and conversations that they illustrate can be found in Sparklife, a sort of study break from the main site.


this drawing accompanied an interview and movie review about the new Todd Solondz film, Palindromes.

Where You're At

Patrick Neate is a british writer who studies hip hop culture. this portrait illustrated a review of his book, Where You're At: Notes From a Hip-Hop Planet.

Does Hamlet Suck?

the title says it all. the essay for which i drew this picture encouraged readers to question the reputation of Shakespeare's looney tune masterpiece, Hamlet.

Delaying the Real World

Colleen Kinder had the genius idea to put off a career after she finished college. the twenties, she argues, is a vital time for adventure. this drawing accompanied an interview and review of her book, Delaying the Real World.

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