Pure Potential

There is a meditation technique that challenges its practitioners to visualize the face of God. I love the image of Him as a powerful ancient sage but it is easier for me to see God as an everyman, struggling and flawed but perfectly beautiful in his imperfection. At His very best, I imagine God as pure potential. A being with the creative power to be absolutely everything.

A few months before I became a father, a friend asked me to draw a picture of my unborn son. When I study the result, this drawing; I can't help thinking that I have accidentally drawn a portrait of God.

The miracle is that we all begin our lives in this way. As a new hope. A new menagerie of possibilities. Over time, we all become ourselves. (I cannot wait to see who my son will be.) Through those infinite journeys though, everyone of us all together is the realization of an infinite potential.

© 2009 rama hughes