The Radio God Game

Here's a game to play the next time you feel lost or down. Find yourself a radio, an ipod, or an old cd. Say a little prayer to God, the universe, or whatever you believe:

I know you're out there, God. In everything. In the radio, this ipod, or even this cd. Will you sing me a song? Whatever song plays next will be our conversation, a message, a simple truth, or a parable for me to decipher.

Turn on the radio. Tune the station. Adjust the volume. Press play. See what happens. It doesn't work every time but, as a secular man's version of "Please God, I need a sign," it has worked some wonders in my life.

I drew this picture for a collection of Radio God songs that have hit home for me. Feel free to use it yourself if the game helps you in some way.

© 2012 rama hughes