Retelling Star Wars

not so long ago, i dreamt that jennifer garner was the art director of one of my favorite magazines. she had a whole lot of illustration assignments for me. she wanted me to draw spider-man fighting doctor octopus, adam sandler in punch-drunk love, picasso, a comic book about yoda, herself in alias. the list went on and on. each project was better than the last.

this drawing fits on that list. last year, ron mccutchan, the art director of cricket and cicada magazines, read my anecdote about remembering star wars movies and telling them to my coworkers on a farm where i used to work. he liked the idea of star wars as oral literature. he suggested that i turn the story into an essay. i did. i submitted it to cicada and the editors bought it! "you're a published writer!" my girlfriend keeps telling me. as if that news weren't great enough, ron also commissioned this illustration. of the essay. of my own story! about star wars and the farm! two of my favorite subjects!

talk about a dream come true; he also invited me to illustrate the cover of the magazine! it comes out the same month as star wars episode III: revenge of the sith. pinch me when it does.

© 2005 rama hughes