The Fall and the Rise of Kindercore, an introduction to the Trouble Revolution

i've never been hip. when i told my wife that i was making a comic for a record label, i neglected to mention its name. when it finally came up, she yelped "kindercore! they're famous!" they are?! i just thought they were nice.

i'm sort of happy that i discovered the label the way i did. ryan lewis (the man with the puppy in this comic) told me about his company, its brush with success, the hard times on to which it had fallen, its triumphant return, and his intention to create a comic anthology as part of the celebration. would i like to draw something for it?

what i loved about his story is this: ryan and dan (the other fella portrayed here) are tenacious dreamers. a bad business deal robbed them of their label and ran it into the ground. instead of saying "oh well, we gave it a shot," dan and ryan stole the label back. they built it up again. and they won't make the same mistakes this time.

their return illustrates something important: fight for your life! when you get tossed out of the ring, grab a chair. and come back swinging it!

© 2007 rama hughes