Rama's Robot Rides

When I worked as a camp counselor, I got a reputation as the only grown-up that the kids could climb. Throughout the summers, children would ride my legs and swing on my arms. Other counselors enjoyed it from afar, but they wanted none of that action for themselves. Too exhausting. "I get tired just looking at you," One woman said.

When I taught kindergarten, I let my students ride on my shoulders and steer me like a robot. I chased them around the playground and got tackled more than once. "I'm glad you're here to wear them out," One of my co-teachers said. "I don't know where you get the energy."

This summer, my children like it when I hoist them by their pants and collars, and throw them - gently, don't worry - onto the couch. "Again, fly again!" They wait around my feet for turns.

What I have always enjoyed about these games is the shift in scale - and strength! In my children's eyes, I am a pet giant who can lift them with one hand. There is a playful wonder there.

But I am NOT a robot, I get tired. I get tired fast. I slid down against the couch today. I looked at my two year old son. "I wish I had your energy," I told him. No! He gripped his chest, Is MY energy! "I know," I assured him, "Never mind. Just enjoy it while it lasts."

This drawing, made for a t-shirt, was inspired by an afternoon with my son. To see the design, visit Printfection.com.

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