Rock the Vote

when george w. bush became president, i felt like i'd slipped into a parallel universe. i realize now that it was the star wars universe.

the one thing that dubya's presidency has given me is an appreciation for the star wars prequels. critics complain that the prequels are more political than their predecessors but they're wrong. the entire saga is political. episode I sets the stage: people are fed up with politics. only the victims and the powerful see how it affects daily life. a seemingly mild politician ousts the rightful president through trickery. in episode II, the new president uses an attack on his people to advance his plans for war. even more frightening, the attack convinces his people to abandon their rights for his war maneuvers. in episode III -i am geeky enough to know-, the careless citizens are surprised that the power hungry president has abused their trust. he empowers his supporters, his supporters destroy his opposition, and he imposes his beliefs upon the galaxy. it results in civil war. which explains the title, "star wars."

ewoks are the other things that suck about star wars. how can a bunch of hippy care bears defeat the evil empire? according to larry kasden (the screenwriter of return of the jedi), the moral of ewoks is this: if the will of the people is strong, they will always win.

it's too late to vote for john kerry but, if you need something to lift your spirits, consider his loss a call to arms: we have to fight for ourselves and the issues that we care about... before george bush builds a death star!

this illustration was commissioned by The Stranger for an article about Rock the Vote. i really enjoyed drawing it.

© 2004 rama hughes