Sam and Stevie

i am not christian but i really enjoy church (and temple and pretty much any religious service). my favorite part is the homily, during which the priest attempts to put the biblical reading into context. even if the message doesn't jibe with me, the search for meaning is valuable and i like listening to these professionals.

recently, the priests at my church asked us to consider our vocations. not our careers or our hopes but the voice within us that calls us to be whatever it is that we are meant to be. the monsignor quoted Rabbi Zusya who said "in the coming world, they will not ask me, 'zusya, why were you not moses?' they will ask me 'zusya, why were you not zusya?"

it was a beautiful sermon. clearly, because i am still thinking about it. but i knew my vocation as soon as the fathers defined the word. as much as i love drawing and as much as i enjoy teaching, it is neither of those things.

© 2006 rama hughes