Scott Foley

my grandfather and i used to meet every year to discuss our top twenty celebrity crushes. the lists always inspired interesting conversation. we read them backwards from No.20, our least meaningful attraction, to No.1, our most heart-wrenching one-sided love affair. my No.20 one year was "Christina Aguilera's nose." my grandfather's No.1 every year was Michelle Pfiefer.

Scott Foley (best known as Noel in the television show Felicity) is the No.1 most heart-wrenching celebrity crush of my friend, Francesca (as a former art director for Geffen Records, she probably designed several of the albums in your record collection). i painted this for her as a christmas gift. her response was hilarious and frightening. the drawing startled her. then she burst into laughter and tears. mascara ran down her cheeks. i didn't realize until that evening how serious her attraction was. "it looks so much like him," she stared at it. "i'm going to frame this."

© 2003 rama hughes