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one of my favorite things to do is to wander. i like alleys and backyards especially. backyards are full of unimagineable details. the whole world is full of them.

once when i was taking the long way home from work, i passed through the side yard between two houses and i noticed the electricity meter. i looked at it for a second or two before walking away. mostly, i was looking at the lever and the numbers. i thought "if i found that meter in a video game, i would fiddle with the dials." in video games, everything detail is fascinating because players know it might lead to a secret. maybe, if i pull this lever, a secret room will open up. maybe inside that train passing by, there is a bonus life. life is like a video game too, i think, in that there are so many secrets. there are so many stories behind everything. there is so much to know. when i wander at night, i watch windows with lights on. they're like tv sets with real life in them. i mostly see empty rooms but, inside those rooms, there are usually pictures on the wall or other less predictable bric-a-brac. i can spend an entire walk wondering what their history might be. i probably don't have to mention that i am a notorious snoop. diaries and journals are off limits, of course, but photo albums are not. cabinets are not. left alone in a friend's home, i am likely to wander out of a living room and into a closet.

so, obviously, my favorite video games are the ones with secrets to find, secret characters, secret stages, all that stuff. i thought i'd take this opportunity to create a few secrets of my own. you've already found one of them.

the rest of this page is a table of contents for more secrets you can find on my website. i haven't included all of them. (what fun would there be in that?) i have included enough to get you started though and here are some hints to make it easier: most of the portraits can be found by clicking on pictures. most of the other secrets are easy to find. there are even some other portraits (of artists and celebrities mostly). so, keep your eye out for underlined links or invisible text. if you're having a really hard time finding something, let your curser wander and pay attention to what it does. the secrets could be anywhere and, when you've found one, you might be very close to finding another one. have fun!

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