Space Squid Vs. Space Shuttle, a wallet design for Poketo

i love tv and books that speculate about the far, far future. some scientists on the discovery channel suggested that squids might forebear the next dominant species on earth. because, the zoologists said, squids are very smart.

it's common knowledge, i think, that dolphins are intelligent. they have highly developed brains but the majority of that brain power is devoted to their senses, not their intelligence.

the human brain is devoted to problem solving. that's how we gauge our intelligence. that's why we worry. that's why we wonder. that's why we anticipate or imagine problems when we don't have real ones to solve. we're hard wired!

but i read somewhere else that our intelligence is actually the by-product of our thumbs. our thumbs predate our brains. our brains might have developed to make better use of them. here is the example i read: if you give a hammer to a baby, he will figure out how to use it. we did the same thing with our thumbs.

if that's the case though, why aren't possums or raccoons or even chimpanzees as smart as we are? why can't they understand math or develop technology? another group of scientists believe that mankind is smarter because men walk upright. it wasn't our thumbs that made us smart, they say, but the act of standing up. when our front feet were no longer needed for locomotion, they were specialized for problem solving.

that makes sense to me. that's why raccoons are a little smarter than possums and chimpanzees than raccoons and men than chimps. we have two free hands! what's next?

well, squids have eight free hands.

i also love tv and books that speculate about time travel.

© 2006 rama hughes