have you ever played ¿quien es mas macho? it's a very simple game. the question is spanish for "who is more sexy?" to play, list two people then ask "¿quien es mas macho?" in your most ricardo montalban voice. i play this game a lot. it's good for roadtrips, for walks, for lying in bed with the lights off. i ask which places are sexier, which professions, which modes of transportation. over time, i developed a favorite ¿quien es mas macho? question:

peter parker o spider-man?

i asked my friend heidi. "they are the same person," she answered. "how can one be sexier than the other?" i wagged my finger at this. their personas are different. spider-man is a person who hides his weaknesses. peter parker is a person who hides his strengths.

so, ¿quien as mas macho?

i like it when he's forced to be both. when a girlfriend removes his mask, for instance, or when a bad guy discovers his secret identity. i like the most recent comics because everyone has figured peter out: his wife, mary jane; aunt may; j. jonah jameson; even a lot of the crooks. it's great. he's becoming a whole person at last.

anyway, playstation inspired this illustration. in their most recent spider-man game, spidey fights the vulture. it's the closest thing to true flight that i have ever experienced in a video game. as soon as i played it, i wanted to make this drawing. about rough housing in air. in video games, spider-man es mas macho. claro.

© 2003 rama hughes