Steven Weissman

i rediscovered comic books when i was in college. steven weissman is one of the artists responsible. i hope he takes it as a compliment when i write that his comics (mostly titled Yikes!) are Peanuts meets Frankenstein. saturday morning cartoon marries saturday evening horror film. searching for them made the comic store a fun place to be. i found a new one every few months in an anthology or a book of its own. they tell the backyard adventures of kid cowboys, kid monsters, kid science whizzes... a kid named x-ray spence. there's even a professional big wheel racer.

trying to put words to it now, i've found the best way to describe them: his comics capture childhood in a jar. the fun and the occasional fright.

i met steven weissman at the san diego comic book convention and again at his show at secret headquarters. whenever we bumped into him, my wife and i walked away saying "steven weissman is so nice. steven weissman is so cool." he barely flinched when i showed up on his doorstep asking about this portrait. we ended up playing Chutes'n'Ladders with his son.

© 2006 rama hughes