i write articles occasionally for HackedtoBits.com. it is great fun because, besides having a forum to tell my stories, i get to illustrate them too.

i taught prekindergarten for almost 2 years and this drawing accompanied an article that i wrote about storytime. my coteacher and i read stories of course but we also drew stories for our children and had them tell us stories too.

eventually, our kids' comments inspired me to create a weekly tradition. every thursday or friday, during storytime, i asked the kids a Big Question. "what is outside of outer space?" for instance, or "what happens after you die?" our four year olds surprised us constantly. "when you die, everything stays the same," one of them answered, "except for you."

when i turned the game around and let them ask the questions, i was surprised even more. "why do we have bodies?" one of the girls asked. she seemed to think they were unnecessary.

© 2002 rama hughes